Arranging translations for a course is done in three main steps:

1. Specify languages/locales

Decide which languages your course will be translated into and add them in your course in Settings > Translations.

Course Builder supports translation to 58 languages.

2. Translate course content

Content and custom text in the course can be translated internally or externally:

  • In internal translation, you give one or more translators access to your course, and the translation work is done in the Course Builder dashboard.

  • In external translation, you export the course content as a set of files and send the files out for translation. When the files are returned with translated content, you upload them to your course, and Course Builder ensures that the translated content is applied correctly.

Course Builder automatically translates features that come with pre-determined text, like buttons and some headings, into any of the supported languages.

3. Make translated content available

After content has been translated, you return to the translation settings to mark languages as available for students.