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Do you want to teach the world? Do you want to share your knowledge with a class, a company, a country? Course Builder can help you create and deliver online learning, whether they're for 10 or 1,000,000+ students. We used it to build our Power Searching with Google and Computational Thinking for Educators online courses, among others.

We believe in broad access to education. Course Builder is one manifestation of that belief.

Why Use It?

Course Builder is an Open Source (Apache 2.0), online education platform. Use it to create your online course whether it's for an entire university offering, professional training, or a corporate product. Course Builder:

Get Started

All new users should go through the new users section. If you are a returning user and only want to see the new features, go to the Release Notes.

New Users

See the Feature List to understand Course Builder's capabilities. Next, it is a good idea to start at the beginning of the documentation, Meet Course Builder, and go through that entire section.

Course Admins

Course admins (technical administrators) should go through the Set Up Course Builder section.

Course Authors

Course Authors (teachers, instructors, instructional designers, etc.) can begin designing and implementing their content in Create a Course.


For programmers experienced in Python, JavaScript, Jinja, HTML, and CSS, see For Course Builder Developers to learn how to extend Course Builder with your own new features."

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The following videos can also provide help on specific topics. All of our videos are on our YouTube page.


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