Set Up Course Builder

This page presents an overview of the set-up process followed by a list of steps.


Course Builder is written in the Python programming language. You do not need to know Python to use Course Builder, but you do need to ensure that you have Python on your machine to run Course Builder. Most modern computers running Linux or Mac have Python installed already, and our Windows deployment scripts will install Python automatically.

If it is not installed, you can install Python manually. Be sure to get the 2.7.x version.

Before you can begin building a course, you must prepare a home for your Course Builder app. So the next step is to set up a cloud project with a unique ID on Google Cloud Platform.

At this point, you have a machine running Python and a Google Cloud account with one project. The next step is to download Course Builder.

After deploying Course Builder, you can go to the site on the web and start using Course Builder.

List of Steps

  1. Create a cloud project.
  2. Download Course Builder.
  3. Deploy Course Builder to the cloud.
  4. Visit your site to confirm deployment and get started.