Feature List


  • ARIA landmarks (element attributes to help assistive technologies navigate web pages)
  • Contextual page titles
  • Heading tags
  • Label attributes
  • Skip to main content
  • Title attributes
  • Alternative text

Analytics and Measurement

  • Rich course analytics on student enrollment, progress, and much more
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


Course Content and Organization

Creating and Maintaining Student Registration

Create and Manage Assessments

  • Create new Assessments and edit existing ones from the Dashboard
  • Set public access privileges
  • Assessments can be graded, ungraded, or peer reviewed
  • Option to give feedback on Assessments

Create and Manage Custom Tracks

  • Create separate course “tracks” so students take specific paths through your course instead of your entire course

Create and Manage Multiple Choice Questions

Create and Manage Question Groups

  • Reuse questions in bulk by creating Question Groups
  • Create optional custom introductions for each Question Group

Create and Manage Roles

  • Create arbitrary roles and manage the permissions they have

Create and Manage Short Answer Questions

Custom Grading Schemes

  • Set auto-grading for completed Assessments
  • Set grading weights and custom answer scores
  • Receive verification that students have submitted assignments
  • Show feedback without revealing scores
  • Answer scores can be set to negative numbers to discourage random guessing


  • Gradebook with detailed information about student performance on each assessment

Import Existing Course Data

  • Import existing course content to new, empty courses from any existing course


  • Support for 58 languages
  • Console that allows translators to translate course content in a single environment within Course Builder.

Learning Tools Interoperability

  • Use Course Builder as a LTI provider or consumer.

Manage Assets and Files from Dashboard

Manage Course Settings

Manage Lessons within the Course

Manage your Courses: Administrators

  • Edit application settings
  • Monitor information about application deployment
  • Add new courses to single application instance (multitenancy)
  • Admins can see all courses within the application and their corresponding links/URLs

Peer Review for Students

  • Easily index a course to make it searchable for students
  • Index information in all of the following categories: lessons, notes, announcements, links, YouTube video captions
  • Search results for YouTube captions go directly to the time in the video when the caption appears

Secure Access

Skill Map

  • Create skills and apply them to lessons or questions
  • Students see skill progress (competency) on all the skills for your course

Student Uploads

System Requirements and Support