Course Builder 1.11

The documentation for Course Builder 1.11 is divided into the following sections:

Meet Course Builder

The Meet Course Builder section provides a brief overview of the Course Builder dashboard and what students see when taking a course. It also goes over different types of Course Builder users and what other documentation sections may be useful to them.

Set Up Course Builder

The Set Up Course Builder section takes you through creating a cloud account, downloading Course Builder software, and deploying to Google App Engine.

Create A Course

In the Create A Course section, you can learn about the components that make up a Course Builder course and the tools and techniques for putting them together.

Customize Course Style

All Course Builder courses start with a default style. The Customize Course Style section shows you how to add CSS, JavaScript, and template files to your course as well as how to edit the default files.

Debug Course

If you have done any customization either of the course’s style or of Course Builder itself, then the Debug Course section shows you a couple of settings that you can use to debug your customizations.

Prepare for Students

After a course is created, there are several steps to take to prepare it for students, such as setting up registration and translating content. The Prepare for Students section takes you through the different ways to get your course ready for students.

Publish a Course

Course Builder offers many options for making your course available online. The Publish a Course section explains the ins and outs of course availability.

Analyze Data

Course Builder comes with built-in analytics for you to examine data about how students’ interact with the course. The Analyze Data section shows you how to set up these analytics. In addition, you can learn how to set up custom analytics to ask other questions of your course and student data by exporting to BigQuery or downloading with ETL.

Administer Site

Course Builder lets you serve up multiple courses and other web content on your site. In the Administer Site section, you will learn about working with multiple courses and other management options.

Upgrade Course Builder

When a new release of Course Builder is available for download, the Upgrade Course Builder section shows you how to upgrade.

For Course Builder Developers

Course Builder itself can be customized and extended. Find out more about the possibilities in the For Course Builder Developers section.

Feature List

Browse the Feature List to find out what features Course Builder offers.

Release Notes

Read the Release Notes for information about what’s new in Course Builder 1.11.