Lesson Settings

There are two types of settings associated with lessons:

Individual Lesson Settings

Get to the lesson’s settings by clicking the the Settings at icon at the top lefthand corner of the lesson content page.

(Click the Settings icon again to return to the lesson content page.)

The individual lesson settings are:


Assign the lesson to unit. This setting is required and defaults to the unit in the outline where you clicked + Add Lesson, but you can change it here.

Question Scoring

Lessons can contain questions. You may want questions that appear in lessons not to be scored; they are intended to encourage thinking and provide feedback rather than assess what students have learned.

  • Questions only give feedback - students will only see feedback on their answers
  • Questions are scored - students will see feedback and a score

Text Version URL

If your lesson content contains video, you can provide a text version for students who cannot view the video or who would like to read the text.

The text version must be HTML. You can have two options:

  • upload HTML of the text and provide the internal link
  • provide the link to an external site

If linking to an external site, be sure to include http:// or https:// at the beginning of the URL.


If checked, the lesson will be sequentially numbered in the syllabus. Uncheck this box to show the lesson by its title only.

An un-numbered lesson can present an activity that reinforces what was taught in a previous lesson. Activities can be questions to be answered, directions to post in the forums, or other supplemental material.

Allow Progress Override

Course Builder provides automatic student progress tracking. For lessons that don’t include questions, automatic tracking marks a lesson as complete as soon as the student visits the lesson page. If the lesson includes questions, the lesson is not marked as complete until the student has attempted to answer the questions.

Turn on this setting to allow students to override the automatic progress tracking and manually complete a lesson that does not include questions. When you enable this setting, a button labeled I have completed this lesson appears to students at the bottom of the lesson page. If there is a button, students must click it to complete the lesson. Enabling manual progress override for a lesson disables the lesson’s automatic progress tracking, so clicking the button is the only way to mark the lesson as complete. (This pattern is different from the corresponding unit setting. When you enable this setting for a unit, the automatic progress tracking remains enabled alongside the manual override, and students can choose to click the button or finish the unit normally.)

If the lesson includes questions, enabling this setting has no effect. A lesson with questions can only be marked as complete by automatic progress tracking and only after the student has attempted to answer the questions.

Course-Level Settings

To see the course-level lessons settings, go to Settings > Units & lessons.

Learn about course-level unit & lesson settings.