Upload HTML and Image Files

To use existing HTML files or image files in your course content, you can upload them to your course and include them as needed.

View Files Available for Course Content

Go to Create > HTML or Create > Images.

On these pages, you will see two tables:

  • My Items - files you have uploaded
  • Default Items - files you have inherited. If you are building a course from the sample course template, you will see sample course files here.

Create HTML page

Any HTML file listed here can be included in course content as an HTML asset component.

Any image file can be included in course content as

The size limit for an image file is 4MB.

Upload a File

Click the Upload button. On the next page, you can select a file from your system.

Upload HTML page

  1. Click Choose File and select a file.

  2. Click Upload to add the file to Course Builder.

The file will now appear in the My Items list.

Bulk Uploads

To upload files in bulk, consider adding files to your local Course Builder app and redeploying. Here’s how:

  1. On your local filesystem,

    • for HTML files, add files to coursebuilder/assets/html/
    • for images, add files to coursebuilder/assets/img/
  2. Redeploy your app.

After redeploying, these files will appear in the My Items list on the appropriate page.

Edit an HTML File in Course Builder

You can edit the HTML files listed in My Items and Default Items.

  1. Click the path of the file you want to edit. It will open in an editor within Course Builder.

  2. Make your changes and Click Save.

  3. Click Close to return to the previous page.

Preview a File

Click the launch icon next to path of a file to view it in the browser.