Questions and Question Groups

Questions can be created in two ways:

For the two methods, the process of creating the question is the same.

When you create a question in the question bank, you must then add the question to one or more lessons or assessments.

When you create a question within a lesson or an assessment, that question is automatically added to the lesson or assessment.

In addition, you can create a question group that groups a set of questions around some contextual material or just to make it easier to add a number of questions as a set.

You can get statistics on questions to improve the course.

Question Bank

To get started with questions, go to Create > Questions.

On this page, you will see a bank of questions along with buttons to add new questions.

The screenshot below is a truncated screenshot of a bank of 15 questions.

example question bank

For each question, you can see

Together, the bank and the buttons just above it let you:

Create Questions

There are four ways to create questions. Click the options below to learn more.

Filter Questions

You can use the Filter button near the top right of the page to filter questions in the bank.

Clicking Filter opens a dialog with options for filtering:

options for filtering

Preview Questions

You can preview a question to see how it will appear to students.

Click the preview icon next to the question that you want to preview.

Edit Questions

You can edit a question by clicking on its description.

Add to Question Groups

Click the preview icon in the Question Groups column to add the question to an existing question group.

A question group groups together a set of questions. Learn more about question groups.

Course Builder Analytics for Questions

Go to Manage > Questions to run the statistics on questions.

To collect and view this data, your course must set up for Course Builder analytics. Learn more about Course Builder Analytics.