Peer Review

Peer review is a way for students to grade each other’s finished work. The item to be peer-reviewed can be text, like a paragraph or essay, or multiple choice questions.

Student Experience

Students submit a peer-review assignment like any assessment. After the assignment is submitted, students go to the review dashboard to review the assignments of others.

To access the review dashboard, you can either

  • click Go to the review dashboard on the assessment submission page
  • click Review peer assignments under the assessment in the syllabus.

In the review dashboard, students can see

Students only get credit for completing the assessment if they complete the required number of reviews by the deadline - in addition to submitting their own work.

Students can request assignments to review and review them using the Reviewer Feedback form.

After students have completed the required reviews, they can see how their peers reviewed their own submissions.

Make an Assessment a Peer Review Assessment

  1. Go to Create > Outline.

  2. Select the assessment that you want to set up for peer review or click Add Assessment to create a new assessment.

  3. Change the Grading Method from Automatic Grading to Peer Review.

  4. Enter the details for the four fields in the Peer Review section.

Peer Review Fields

Peer-reviewed assessments have four additional fields:

Reviewer Feedback Form

This is the form that students use to review each other’s work. Typically, it consists of one or more questions that you prepare ahead of time for reviewers to answer.

Create and add questions with the content editor.

Review Due Date

Enter the date by which reviews must be completed.

This date must be after the Due Date for submitting the actual assessment.

Review Min Count

Enter the minimum number of reviews a student must complete to get credit for the assessment.

Review Window Timeout

Enter the number of minutes that a student has to complete a new review assignment.

If the student does not complete the review in the given number of minutes, then the assignment is returned to the pool of available assignments and will not count toward the student’s minimum review count.

Examining Reviews for a Student

Occasionally, peer review can go wrong, and a student will complain about reviews that are unfair. To examine and respond to such complaints,

  1. Go to Settings > Peer Review.

  2. Select a peer-review assignment.

  3. Enter the email of address of the student whose received reviews you want to see.

From here, you can read the reviews that the student has received. You can delete any reviews you deem unfair and assign a specific reviewer to provide a new review for the student’s assignment.

Getting Statistics about Peer Review Assignments

  1. Go to Manage > Peer review assignments.

  2. Click Update to get the latest statistics on peer review assignments.

To collect and view this data, your course must set up for Course Builder analytics. Learn more about Course Builder analytics.