Visit Your Site

In your browser, navigate to your Course Builder site at


The first time at the site, you will see the Course Builder start page:

start page

Click to Start Using Course Builder 1.10.

You will be taken to the Courses page in the Course Builder dashboard.

At the top of this page, there are two buttons:

  • Click Add Course… to get started with an empty course
  • Click Add Sample Course… to create a course with sample content. You can use a course with sample content in two ways:
    • as a playground where you can explore a finished course. The course is editable, and you can play with different features and change settings.

    • as a template to create a course. You can then swap out its content for yours and update the settings.

After you have added a new course (with or without sample content), you will use Course Builder’s dashboard to configure the course and add content. Learn more about the dashboard.