Debug Course

Course Builder includes two settings to make debugging development easier:

Enable Hook Edits

Hooks edits are custom text, links, or graphics you can add to the HTML itself, in defined parts of the page, through the browser. This eliminates the need to edit the HTML directly while manually making sure those changes are carried forward on Course Builder upgrades.

Note: Although the hook edit links will only show up for admins, any edits made will apply to all users (admins and students).

Show Jinja Context

Course Builder uses Jinja, which is a template engine for Python. If you make customizations to Course Builder, whether it’s to the Jinja templates or otherwise, you may want to turn this setting on during development. The Jinja context contents will be displayed at the bottom of course pages when you do so. This information will only show for course admins and only if you’re working on your development server. That is, if you deploy to Google App Engine, the Jinja context contents will not show even if you turn the setting on. By default, this setting is off.