Upgrade Course Builder

New releases of Course Builder provide new features, improvements, and fixes. Visit the Release Notes to see what a new version of Course Builder offers and Downloads to download the latest software.

Determine Your Current Version

To see which version of Course Builder you are currently running, go to Dashboard > > Help > About and see the value for GCB_PRODUCT_VERSION:. Alternatively, you can open app.yaml in the coursebuilder directory and find the GCB_PRODUCT_VERSION environment variable near the top of the file. The value of this variable is your version of Course Builder.

Upgrading the Google App Engine SDK

In general, use the latest version of the Google App Engine SDK with the latest version of Course Builder. If there is a GAE SDK release in between Course Builder releases, it is usually OK to upgrade your GAE SDK. However, if you encounter any problems after the upgrade, revert to the previous working version.

Save Data

When upgrading to a new version of Course Builder, saving your data is a good practice. See Download App Data about downloading or otherwise backing up your app data.