Sollentuna sparar tid och pengar samtidigt som kollaborativt lärande blomstrar med Google for Education

We began our process early compared to other schools in Sweden. They look to Sollentuna for inspiration.

Andreas Cassne, IT-strategic Counselor at Sollentuna Municipality


During the first 3 years of going digital Sollentuna purchased a mix of PCs and other devices. The setup was time consuming and expensive. Apps stored on local devices frequently needs updating. Sometimes they malfunctioned - sometimes the OS did. Every time it happened time was lost from teaching and learning.


Students started using the Google for Education tools without hesitation when teachers introduced them in school lessons. “Our approach was to give our teachers total educational freedom”, says Andreas Cassne. He explains how the most digitally advanced teachers tried new things with Google Apps for Education, that spread to teachers who were initially not so keen on using digital tools. “We opened all features of Google Apps for Education - thinking that teachers would use whatever they could. And they did. Everybody uses it now”, he says.