Chromebooks help customize the learning experience for students

The Chromebooks are up and running in ten seconds, and the batteries last an entire school day.

Rogier de Wit, ICT Team Leader, CSG Jan Arentsz


The school was already using an electronic learning environment with laptops, desktops and computer rooms, but changing educational needs had increased the demand for tailor-made digital teaching material, both inside and outside the classroom. “We spent a very long time planning and looking at ways of offering one-on-one teaching with each student having their own computer,” says Education and ICT Coordinator Kees Koopman. “We didn’t like the idea of ‘bring your own device’, because it would be impossible to get any teaching done if everyone’s hardware and software were different.”


So the school came up with an alternative strategy: bring your own Chromebook. This lightweight device starts up very quickly and avoids wasting valuable teaching time. It was successfully piloted in two classes in the last academic year, receiving an enthusiastic response from teachers and students alike. After a series of workshops and presentations, staff were no longer asking why they needed the Chromebook: they were coming up with new ways of using it.