Passaic City Public Schools expands learning with Google Chromebooks for Education

The most obvious benefit of using Chromebooks at Passaic is that pupils now have a real personal stake in their learning experience.

Joshua Koen, District Coordinator of Technology


Pupils were not as well prepared as they might have been for higher education and the changing working world of the 21st century. It was essential for them to learn how to conduct research online and how to collaborate on projects, as well as engage with peers and experts from around the world. Additionally, pupils needed to prepare for the newly required online state academic assessments. Teachers wanted to use technology more widely in classrooms overall.


Passaic decided that a “one-laptop-per-student” model was best. Having already adopted Google Apps for Education, the school district realised that the compatibility of Google Chromebooks would maximise collaborative learning. Plus, the Chromebooks were fast, secure, affordable and easy to use. The low cost of ownership meant that Passaic could fulfil its goal of going one-to-one with devices. Communication and productivity have improved, as well as collaboration, student engagement and even academic achievement.