We needed something that was functional and more reliable--and I knew Google could deliver that.

Brian Bolt, Office for Information and Technology Team Lead


In 2008, it became clear that Boise State University’s current email system could no longer keep pace with the technology students were demanding. Costly upgrades seemed futile. The IT team saw this as an opportunity to extract themselves from an inefficient system and choose a more sophisticated and innovative one.


After deploying G Suite for Education to its students, the university proceeded to do the same for its 2,400 faculty and staff members. The migration was completed seamlessly over four months. It was a secure system that proved easy to use and manage, and the number of calls to the help center significantly decreased. Additionally, this transition yielded $90,000 in annual savings. Students and faculty enjoyed having a system that fostered collaboration. For instance, before turning in assignments, students are now able to share documents with instructors and get feedback online.