Bloomington Public Schools use G Suite and Chromebooks to transform learning

We decided to go with Google because it was already our productivity tool, and it was so simple. You don’t have to learn how to use a Chromebook--you just use the Internet. The simplicity means we’re gaining back teachers’ time so they can focus their energy on students.

Katrina Mezera, BPS technology project coordinator


In an effort to prepare students for future success, Bloomington Public Schools wanted to reach them all through a sustainable 1:1 environment. BPS also hoped to accelerate learning through differentiated instruction and a broader set of learning resources. In 2009, G Suite for Education was introduced via a pilot program, and other teachers were encouraged to use it. The momentum grew organically, and soon BPS recognized the need to roll out more technology tools district-wide.


After the adoption of G Suite for Education, BPS transitioned toward a 1:1 environment. In 2013, BPS launched a new technology plan using Chromebooks. With 1:1, students are becoming content creators. They are collaborating more. And teachers have reaped the benefits, too, by offering a richer learning experience: some teachers created book blogs using Google Sites, so students could blog about what they’re reading and share content across sites and even among schools. Chromebooks and G Suite have enabled teachers to offer a more hands-on, flexible approach, and to empower students with tools for learning and collaboration.