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Discover programs for educator professional development and student engagement

Adult educator shows something on a laptop screen to two students in a hallway.

We’re here for learners every step of the way. Professional development programs take your expertise in Google for Education products to the next level while programs for student engagement support how you teach with lesson ideas, curricula, and more.

Programs for Professional Development

Build expertise and accelerate your learning with professional development programs

Earning your Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certifications prepares you for any of these programs. Pick one that’s right for you.

Sertifikalı Eğitmen olun

Sertifikalı Eğitmen olun

Lead and train fellow educators with your expertise in Google tools.

  • Build your resume
  • Be featured in the Google for Education directory
  • Earn a secondary income
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Become a Certified Innovator

Launch a unique passion project using technology to solve challenges in education.

  • Join a community of like-minded innovators
  • Have your project featured on Google’s Transformation Center
  • Get personalized mentorship
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Become a Certified Innovator
Programs for student engagement

Expand learning in your classroom with lesson ideas, curricula, and more

On the left side, we see three rectangles on top of each other: green, blue, and yellow, at the bottom. On the right side, we see a square with rounded corners and a circle in motion. A cursor is hovered over the square.

Make coding fun and easy with CS First

Kodlamayı öğretmesi kolay, öğrenmesi eğlenceli hale getiren ücretsiz bir bilgisayar bilimleri müfredatı. Herhangi bir bilgisayar bilimleri deneyimi gerektirmez.

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Make technology learning accessible with Applied Digital Skills

Make technology learning accessible with Applied Digital Skills

Ücretsiz, proje tabanlı video müfredatımızı kullanarak geleceğin çalışma dünyasına yönelik pratik dijital becerileri öğretin ve öğrenin.

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Promote digital citizenship and safety with Be Internet Awesome

Promote digital citizenship and safety with Be Internet Awesome

Help students understand the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

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  • What do I need to do to become certified?

    For each program, there is a combination of learning content, assessments and experience one must demonstrate in order to become certified. Currently the content and assessments for each program are hosted in different places and on different sites. Please use the list below to navigate to the right place for your chosen program:

    Google for Education Certified Trainer

    Google for Education Certified Innovator

  • How can I use my badge or certificate?

    Your use of your badge and certificate is intended only for the personal use of the individual person who passed the exam; it can't be used to represent that a school or company is certified. That is, a school or company can't represent itself as certified-only those individual persons who have passed the exam can represent themselves as certified. Your use of the Google certification logo is subject to Google's then-current Brand Feature Guidelines

  • What happens if I violate a policy?

    If Google discovers that you're in violation of any policy, Google, in its sole discretion, can revoke any of your Google for Education certifications and you'll be permanently barred from retaking any Google for Education exam.