Diocese of Townsville brings students a world of learning with Chromebooks and G Suite for Education


The Diocese of Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) serves students in schools across a broad geographic area, including urban and rural schools. Though school size varies widely (from 30 to 2,000 students per school), TCEO is committed to providing "e-equity"—equal opportunities for education—to all students, regardless of school size or location. But teachers and students were frustrated by the lack of computers and slow Internet access. Rural schools, with limited access to ICT support, were at an even greater disadvantage.

"Giving 21st-century learners a window to the web is our highest priority."

Robie Jayawardhana, ICT Administrator


In 2011, TCEO began introducing Chromebooks and G Suite for Education across the district. Chromebooks provided the most cost-effective and least tech-reliant strategy, while G Suite provided a more student-centric platform to support active learning. TCEO has since rolled out 3,273 Chromebooks to schools, and all teachers and students now have G Suite accounts. Students are excited about learning collaboratively and developing the skills needed to become lifelong learners. And their teachers are learning to use technology tools to transform their classrooms. Chromebooks and G Suite for Education brought a world of learning to TCEO students and teachers, in classrooms of all sizes.

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