Google Chromebooks help prepare students for a new era of digital learning at King Solomon Academy

At King Solomon Academy, IT competency is seen as a factor in preparing students for university, for life and for future careers, and the academy firmly believes that IT skills are best learned when applied to other subject areas, where they help to advance the overall curriculum. Having access to the right technology plays a huge part in this. However, the academy was being held back from achieving its aims, as not every student had access to a computer either during class time or at home. For students to be able to access the web, teachers would have to book the ICT suite well in advance, and waste valuable time and energy waiting for PCs to boot up.

As a Google Certified Teacher, Bruno Reddy, lead maths teacher at King Solomon Academy, had heard about Google Chromebooks and their use in schools. Chromebooks are laptops with no hard drives where nothing is stored on the device and all systems and programmes are accessed via the web browser. This gives students the ability to access information and services within the cloud in a matter of seconds. The academy deployed a set of 66 Chromebooks, giving each year 7 pupil their own dedicated device.

“I think Google Apps and cloud computing is preparing my students for the collaborative, online environments which are becoming increasingly relevant for those in higher education and the workplace of today. The Chromebooks and Google Apps have already had a hugely beneficial impact on their learning.”

Bruno Reddy, former teacher, King Solomon Academy

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