Cramlington Learning Village encourages students to be independent learners using Google for Education tools

Cramlington started focusing on virtual learning 11 years ago, when it introduced an intranet with lesson plans and resources for each subject. Teachers and staff saw the profound impact technology had on the student’s learning, making it more engaging and personalized. They wanted to do more.

Cramlington rolled out 350 Chromebooks two years ago, and 1,000 additional devices this year. The school introduced Google Classroom in 2014, and now students and teachers use Chromebooks and Classroom daily in their lesson plans. The devices encourage students to think more deeply and work more collaboratively.

“The instant feedback is impacting the quality of work students are doing and motivates them to turn in high quality work. Google Classroom has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be an independent learner.”

Phil Spoors, Assistant headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village

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