Chromebooks at Columbus State University’s Simon Schwob Memorial Library


As Columbus State shifted toward a more mobile and WiFi-accessible environment, they wanted to offer students laptops in the library as well. They hoped to purchase laptops that were cost-effective, simple to use, and equipped with long battery life.

"We see students coming back time and time again to check out a Chromebook in the library. They love that Chromebooks are easy to use and lightweight to carry."

Jackie Radebaugh, Assistant Professor of Library Science


After rolling out G Suite for Education in 2008--and making all university transportation (and its campuses) WiFi accessible--Columbus State turned its attention to the Simon Schwob Memorial Library. Rather than build new computer labs, the university purchased 40 Chromebooks for the library in 2012. Now students can check out a Chromebook for up to three hours to check Gmail, search the Web, and more. They can also sit with others in class to collaborate on school projects in Google Docs and discuss assignments. As soon as the borrowed Chromebook is shut down, it resets and is automatically ready for the next user.

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