Get Google Cloud Skills Boost credits

Apply for access to hands-on labs, skill badge credentials, and courses on Google Cloud Skills Boost. Build and curate your own path to working and thriving in a cloud-first workplace. Please note that credits expire one year after they are issued.

Eligibility is limited to faculty, students, and IT admins at accredited higher education institutions in eligible countries.


Google Cloud Skills Boost

Students and IT admins are eligible to receive 200 Google Cloud Skills Boost credits

Faculty members are eligible to receive up to 5,000 Google Cloud Skills Boost credits to distribute in their courses.

Credits can be used on any lab in the Google Cloud catalog.

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Google reserves the right to determine an individual''s eligibility for training credits. It might take up to 2 weeks for your application to be processed. We will send information about your credits to the email address that you''ve provided within ten business days.

By submitting this form, you, on behalf of yourself ("You") agree to these terms and conditions: The credit is valid for Google Cloud training and certification and is subject to Your acceptance of the applicable terms of service for the training and certification platforms. The credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Unused credit expires on the date indicated on the media conveying the credit information. The credit may be issued in increments as You use the credit over the period of time during which the credit is valid. Offer void where prohibited by law. The credits do not have commercial value and may not be used for commercial purposes.

If you are a student of your institution, you represent that the credit can only be used in your capacity as a student of Your educational institution for skill building and career development purposes and not for Your personal use. If you are an employee of your institution, You represent that you are accepting the promotional credit on behalf of your educational institution and the credit can only be used on behalf of the educational entity and not for Your personal use.

You represent that (i) You are authorized to accept this credit in accordance with your institution’s policies; (ii) the credit is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, including relevant ethics rules and laws; and (iii) the provision of credits will not negatively impact Google’s current or future ability to do business with such educational entity.

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