Facilitate a career readiness track

Lead your students to proficiency in cloud infrastructure and data analytics with industry-recognized training.

Eligibility is limited to faculty only. If you are an interested student, please ask your professor to apply.

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Faculty can select the Associate Cloud Engineer track or the Data Analyst track and will receive further instructions to enroll their students. The tracks are structured as 16-week sprints and include access to enterprise-level curriculum in Qwiklabs and Coursera. The Associate Cloud Engineer track also includes certification discounts. Check out the career readiness page for more information.

Associate Cloud Engineer Track

On demand access

Get free access to Architecting with Google Compute Engine* Specialization on-demand on Coursera. 100% discount, about 40 hours of content, 6 months access

*also known as Architecting with Google Cloud Platform

Self-paced labs

Get free access to self-paced labs on Qwiklabs

Google Cloud Certified

Prepare to take the exam and earn your Associate Cloud Engineer certification. 100% discount for faculty; 50% discount for students

*Subject to members adhering to the timelines mentioned by Google at the start of the program and other criteria.

Data Analyst Track

On demand access

Get free access to From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform Specialization on-demand on Coursera. 100% discount, about 30 hours of content, 6 months access

Self-paced labs

Get free access to self-paced labs on Qwiklabs

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You agree that any student you enroll in the career readiness program is a current student of your educational institution.

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