Limitless apps, meet unlimited imaginations.

Explore the many learning tools on Chromebooks, including our collection of educator favorites.

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Whether learning to code or recording podcasts, creating video documentaries or making animated stories, students use Chromebooks to gain skills of the future.

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Develop future skills on Chromebooks

We collaborated with educators across the globe to discover apps that foster skills of the future. Available at special pricing through select Chromebook resellers.

Creative apps

Make videos, produce podcasts, and visually animate thinking. Request info

Active listening apps

Active listening apps

Reflect on reading and elevate listening comprehension skills. Request info

Media literacy apps

Media literacy apps

Evaluate and think critically about multimedia information. Request info

Share screens.
Share ideas.

Students become teachers with Google Cast for Education, a free tool that lets students share screens wirelessly to the front of the class.

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Expand what's possible on Chromebooks

Browse web apps

Explore a world of web apps

Chromebooks put the world of the web at your fingertips. From educational websites to web apps and extensions, learning opportunities are endless on any Chromebook.

Administrators can push apps and extensions or whitelist websites, giving scale and flexibility to schools.

Browse web apps
Browse mobile apps

Discover mobile apps

Chromebooks will have even more options with Android mobile apps. Originally designed for portability, Android apps expand mobile benefits like touch and offline on Chromebooks.

Android apps are rolling out in beta on select Chromebooks. We encourage educators to test this early preview through 2017.

Browse mobile apps

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