Make learning more effective and engaging with Chromebooks

With the right tools, students can achieve any goal. That’s why we created Chromebooks: simple, secure, and shareable devices that teachers and students can use to create and collaborate.

Essential tools for students and teachers

Chromebooks are shareable, web-based devices that you can use to access the internet, enriching apps, and powerful extensions. With automatic updates and multi-layer security, Chromebooks continue to improve long after you buy them.

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An Acer Chromebook paired with a Dell Chromebook. The Dell is displaying the Chromebook home screen which shows the variety of apps available.
Deploy, manage, and get started with ease

Empower IT admins to make smarter decisions with Chrome Education Upgrade. Simplify deployment of Chrome devices and other critical infrastructure — all from the cloud-based Google console. Plus, set what users can access from any device.

Support all learners

Customize your experience with our suite of tools, apps, extensions, Chrome OS features, touchscreens, and styluses with the accessibility features that are right for you.

Get affordable devices for all students

Multi-layered security and automatic updates make Chromebooks more secure and safer to share. They’re durable and come in a range of prices to fit any budget.

Create a space for learning, anywhere

Students can access their work on any device, from anywhere, online and offline. Help students focus with tools such as locked mode and kiosk mode.

"We see students coming back time and time again to check out a Chromebook in the library. They love that Chromebooks are easy to use and lightweight to carry."

Jackie Radebaugh, Assistant Professor of Library Science, Columbus State University

Discover apps and ideas for learning, exploring, and creating on Chromebooks

Head to the Chromebook App Hub to find apps and ideas for your Chromebook using classrooms. The App Hub is dedicated to building transparency around developers’ data and accessibility policies, and to help decision-makers find apps to meet the goals and policies of their districts.

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Two higher education students gesture to one another as they ideate on a project using Chromebooks.

See how Chromebooks are built for learning

Inspired by feedback from educators, Chromebook features keep evolving to serve the needs of students and educators alike.

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    Share devices easily between students

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    Boots up in seconds and works on and offline

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    Built for durability to handle student wear and tear

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    Unlock creativity with curated apps for learning

An elementary school student in headphones uses Fluency Tutor for Google on his Chromebook to practice reading aloud.

Built to support every student

Individual Google profiles allow students to bring their personal settings, accessibility set-up, and extensions to any Chromebook they sign into—in the classroom, library, computer lab, or at home. Just log in and everything is automatically applied. And with built-in accessibility features like ChromeVox, a built-in screen reader for the visually impaired, the option for a touchscreen, and support for devices like braille keyboards, Chromebooks can offer students of all learning levels a more intuitive learning experience.

Unlock the capabilities of Chrome OS with Chrome Education Upgrade

Chrome Education Upgrade leverages the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS to free up IT resources and give educators more time to focus on learning outcomes – with enhanced multi-layered security and automatic updates.

*The MSRP of the Chrome Education Upgrade will be updated from $30 to $38 USD starting January 12, 2021 (delayed from March 9, 2020 as previously announced). Prices may vary by region and reseller. Please contact your reseller for specific pricing available to you in your area

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Overhead view of a clamshell Chromebook, a Chromebook in display mode, and a 15 inch Chromebook with stylus.

Manage devices easily from the cloud

In the admin console, administrators have full control—enabling and disabling apps and software to all network devices.

Auto updates

New features without any slow down

Keep Chromebooks up to date with the latest features and security. When connected to the Internet, devices automatically update in the background to keep everyone focused on learning.


Best-in-class security and data protection

Chromebooks are designed with multiple layers of security to keep them safe from viruses and malware. We ensure they comply with the Student Privacy Pledge so that schools can use them in compliance with COPPA and FERPA.

Managed access

Control what resources users can access

Block end users from logging into Chromebooks, restrict access to certain sites and content, and enable identity-free usage for shared devices.

Simplified deployment

Access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities from the cloud

Provide IT with access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities for both school-issued and student-owned devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.

Advanced security

Protect data with greater control and confidence

Lost and stolen protections prevent data theft by remotely disabling devices, ephemeral mode wipes user data upon logout, and persistent enrollment ensures devices are always enrolled to your domain.

24/7 IT admin support

Get assistance with Chrome OS whenever you need, at no additional cost

All this, with the added benefit of Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance. Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost.

Find the Chromebook that’s best for you

With over 60% lower total cost of ownership than competitors and many different sizes and shapes to choose from, Chromebooks are a good fit for nearly every school.

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Enhance learning with carts and styluses

Whether you're outfitting a mobile computer lab, creating your 1:1 classroom environment, or building a bring your own device ecosystem, we have solutions for you.

Off campus
Take learning home with Chromebooks

For active minds, learning doesn’t stop when school ends. If your student brings home a school-owned device, the same security settings apply on campus and off. And if your student is using a personal device at school, school-managed settings turn off when the last bell rings. Download the Guardian’s Guide to Chromebooks to help educate parents and guardians on what their children are learning and creating using Chromebooks.

An older sister shares her Chromebook tablet with her younger sister.

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