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Sometimes, seeing an example of what someone else has created, gives you the inspiration to get started and ideas that you can use in your course. This is especially true if you have never created a class before.

Project Management Resources

An important aspect of your online course is managing the overall project. There are many things to keep track of when developing your course. Assigning a project manager to oversee the course content production and schedule is one way to ensure everything gets done in time for the launch of your course! Use this sample Google spreadsheet as a guideline for managing your project resources:

Video Production Resources

Video is a vital part of course content. Here are a few resources for creating and publishing YouTube videos:

Community Resources

Course Builder Resources

Open edX Contributions

If you are thinking about using Open edX for your courses or are already using it, see if our contributions to the platform below will help you. The code is open source and available at GitHub