Admin permissions are available for two levels: course-wide and site-wide.

Course-wide Admin Permissions

Course-wide admin permissions are restricted to a particular course. For that course, a user can

  • add or modify content
  • update settings
  • see any course content regardless of availability

Grant course-wide permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Course.
  2. Find the Course Admin Emails field.
  3. Enter one or more email addresses. Multiple addresses can be separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks.

To retract a user’s course admin status, simply remove the user’s email from the list.

To grant more limited permissions within a course, you can create a role with specific permissions.

Site-wide Admin Permissions

Site-wide admin permissions are unrestricted. Site admins have course-wide permissions for all courses and can also

  • add a new course
  • delete a course

The creator of a Course Builder course automatically receives site admin status.

Grant site-wide permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced site settings.
  2. Find the Site Admin Emails setting.
  3. Click Edit and add the email address of the user.

To retract a user’s site admin status, simply remove the user’s email from the list.