Course Outline

The course outline (Create > Outline) lets you work with a course and its elements.

You can

You can also

course outline

Add Elements

The three buttons at the top of the page add top-level elements to your course:

You can also add lessons within a unit.

Edit Elements

Click element titles to view and edit their details.

You can delete an element by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of its detail page.

Reorder Elements

Click the reorder icon to drag an element to a new position.

View Course or Element on Site

Click the launch icon to view an element or the course on the student-facing site.

Because you are viewing the student-facing site as an admin, every element has a pencil icon next to its title.

Clicking this icon will let you edit the element directly on the site.

View Course Settings

Click on the course title to go directly to the course settings. These are the same settings accessible at Settings > Course.