Question Groups

You can group questions

  • to provide contextual material for a set of questions. For example, you might present a short video or an image and ask several questions about it.
  • to make it easier to add a set of related questions to lessons and assessments.

Create a Question Group

Go to Create > Question Groups.

Click Add Question Group.

add a question group

There are two tasks you can handle on this page:

  • enter details for the question group
  • add existing questions to the question group

Enter group details

  1. In Description, enter a descriptive name for the group.

  2. In Introduction, enter content that links the questions in the group together. Use the content editor to add text and other components like images or video.

Add a question

  1. Click Add a question.

  2. Select a question from the list.

  3. Assign the question a weight within the group.

By default, questions appear in the order in which they are added to the group, but you can use the controls to the right of each question to reorder the questions within the group.