Add New

From the course outline (Create > Outline), you can create a new lesson or edit an existing one.

Lesson Content and Settings Pages

You work with a lesson on two pages:

  • content page: view and edit the lesson’s title and content
  • settings page: view and edit other settings for the lesson

You can switch back and forth between a lesson’s content and settings by clicking the Settings at the top lefthand corner of either page.

Add a New Lesson

  1. Go to Create > Outline.

  2. Find the unit to which you want to add the lesson.

  3. Below the unit (and any existing lessons in the unit), find and click + Add Lesson.

This will take you to the lesson’s content page.

Add Lesson Content

The lesson’s content page consists of three parts:


Enter the title of the lesson that will appear in the syllabus.

Do not worry about numbering lessons. By default, Course Builder numbers lessons within a unit automatically. If you would prefer a lesson not have a number, you can adjust its auto-number setting.

Lesson body

Use the content editor to compose the body of the lesson.

For example, you would use the editor’s YouTube video component to embed a YouTube video in a lesson.


Associating a lesson with one or more skills ties your course’s structure to its goals (teaching a set of skills).

Learn more about skills in Course Builder.

Add existing skills

  1. Click + Add Skill. If + Add Skill is grayed-out, then your course does not have any skills listed.

  2. In the dialog that appears, check one or more skills in the list or search for a skill in the search box at the top.

Create and add a new skill

To add a skill to the lesson that is not in the course’s current list of skills.

  1. Click + Create New Skill.

  2. Name the skill and optionally describe it.

  3. Give the skill prerequisites by clicking + Add Skill under the Prerequisites heading.

When you save the new skill, it will be saved in your course’s skills list and added to the current lesson.