An assessment is a graded test, typically covering material from several units and lessons. You have control over how many graded assessments you provide and how each of those assessments counts in the final scoring for a student’s grade.

When students submit an assessment, Course Builder determines how they did on the assessment and provides the feedback you specify. It also stores the student score for later retrieval.

You can add a new assessment or edit an existing one in the course outline (Create > Outline)

In addition, assessments have two types of settings:

  • details for an individual assessment
  • course-level settings for all assessments

On this page, learn how to

Add a New Assessment

In the course outline, click the Add Assessment button. You will be taken to the Assessment page where you can enter the details for your new assessment.

The new assessment will be added to the end of the course outline. If that’s not where you want it, click and drag the assessment to the desired position.

In addition, you can make an assessment a pre-assessment or post-assessment of a unit.

Edit an Existing Assessment

To view and edit the details of an assessment, click on the assessment title in the course outline.

Assessment Details


Enter the title of the assessment that will appear in the syllabus.


Enter a description that will appear in the syllabus and give students more information about the assessment. The description is is optional.


This field only appears if you have created labels for your course.

Check one or more labels to apply to the assessment.


This field only appears if you have created tracks for your course.

By default, the assessment will be offered for every student.

Check one or more tracks to make the assessment part of the course only for certain tracks.


This field only applies if you have set up translations for your course.

By default, the assessment will be shown in the syllabus for every language.

Check one or more languages to make the assessment part of the course only for certain languages.


By default, 1 point is given for an assessment. You can adjust this value to adjust how much an assessment counts toward the student’s final grade in the course.

For example, you might give the final assessment 2 points so that the student’s score on the final assessment affects the student’s grade more than other assessments.

Assessment Content

Use the content editor to create the content for the assessment. The content can include questions and question groups as well as other components.

Show Correct Answer

Check this box to offer students a Check Answers button. Clicking Check Answers will display the correct answers for the questions.

Single Submission

By default, students can return to an assessment, change their answers, and resubmit.

Check this box if you want to limit students to a single submission.

Due Date

Enter an optional due date after which students will not be allowed to submit an assessment.

Show Feedback

If an assessment has a due date, check this setting to show students their scores and feedback after the due date has passed.

Grading Method

Select from two options for grading an assessment:

  • Automatic grading
  • Peer review

Automatic grading is the default. The grade is calculated based on the correct answers and weights of individual questions in the assessment.

Peer review lets students grade each other’s assessments. Learn how peer review works.

Copy and paste this HTML snippet to embed the assessment on any external web page.

On the external page, students will click a Start button and sign into the course. At that point, the assessment will appear on the page.

Even though the assessment is embedded on an external site, it behaves the same as it would on the Course Builder site. Students get the same feedback and grading, and their scores are recorded for progress tracking and analytics.

Assessment Settings

Go to Settings > Assessments to see settings that apply to all assessments in the course:

Passing Text

Enter text that students see when they

  • complete the last assessment in the course syllabus
  • score at least 70% on that assessment

Failing Text

Enter text that students see when they

  • complete the last assessment in the course syllabus
  • score less than 70% on that assessment

Hide Assessment Nav

Turn this setting on to hide the Next Page and Previous Page buttons at the bottom of the assessment pages.

Assessment Statistics

Go to Manage > Assessments to see statistics about assessments.

To collect and view this data, your course must set up for Course Builder analytics. Learn more about Course Builder analytics.