Create Roles

To grant a user more limited permissions than those of a course admin, you can create a new role that includes a subset of the course admin permissions and assign it to one or more users.

Note that you cannot create a role without entering the email address of at least one person who will fill this role.

Add a Role

  1. Go to Settings > Roles.
  2. Click Add Role.
  3. Enter a Name and, optionally, a Description of the role.
  4. Enter the email address(es) of the person (or people) who will be filling this role. Multiple emails can be separated by a comma or space.
  5. Select the permissions you want those filling the role to have.

Suggested Roles

You can create a role using any of the permissions listed, but the permissions are intended to allow three particular roles:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) - can adjust course details and settings but cannot change content.
  • Translator - can access the translation dashboard and console. Note that you can specify which languages a translator can access in the console. (Learn about Translations.)
  • REST Developer - can access unavailable content for testing purposes