1TWO1 Initiative Prepares Richland School District Two for the Future

Google has given our students a platform to publish work and communicate inside and outside of the classroom. We’ve never seen more creative collaboration among our students.

Donna Teuber, technology integration coordinator


The school district wanted to bring more personal devices into the classroom, and to equip students with technology skills. Administrators knew that greater access to technology would increase student engagement, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They created the 1TWO1 computing initiative to fulfill this vision. As they explored options, cost, battery life, ease of use, and other factors were considered. Because Google Apps for Education was already being used across the district, school officials were drawn to a cloud-based system that didn’t require a huge infrastructure. Teachers were eager to transform learning in their classrooms, offering students a more creative and collaborative experience.


Since introducing Chromebooks, the district has had a significant shift to more collaborative learning. Teachers use Google Apps to share assignments with students, allowing access to information anytime, anywhere. They can also offer feedback and guidance to students throughout a project, rather than waiting for the students to turn in their work. Also, students have enjoyed the benefit of working together, using Google Chat and Google Docs, even when they aren’t in the same place. In general, the Chromebooks have fostered a much more team-oriented learning environment.