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Breathtaking view of the Himalayas with a beaming sun.

Updates on Google Expeditions and Tour Creator

The Google for Education team is committed to supporting teaching and learning from anywhere, at any time, on any device. For the past 5 years, we've been proud to enable immersive VR and AR learning experiences for millions of students around the world with Google Expeditions and Tour Creator.

As schools around the world reimagine education from the ground up for a hybrid world, we've also been thinking deeply about how to adjust our tools to meet the moment and simultaneously build for the future. We've heard and recognize that immersive experiences with VR headsets are not always accessible to all learners and even more so this year, as the transition to hybrid learning has presented challenges for schools to effectively use Expeditions.

To make Expeditions VR tours available to everyone, we're migrating the majority of them to Google Arts & Culture's free site and application. There you'll also find a vast collection of cultural artifacts and stories from around the world which will enable everyone to continue exploring. However, as Arts & Culture expands the Google Expeditions app will no longer be available for download and Tour Creator will no longer be accessible as of June 30, 2021.

For additional information, please see the Expeditions Help Center.

Create an interactive, virtual environment

Expeditions, Google's virtual reality app, lets you create an interactive, virtual environment for your students to explore. Or give your students the tools to create their own VR experiences.

An open Google Cardboard shows how to place a mobile phone inside the viewer to enjoy VR mode in the Expeditions app as a 3D experience.
Mobile phone on a selfie stick showing the Expeditions app. Students are exploring an augmented reality asteroid field.

Bring abstract concepts to life

Give students a peek inside an ancient Egyptian tomb. Or take them on a tour of the solar system. With augmented reality, it’s now possible to bring virtual items into your classroom.

A student in Brooklyn smiles in front of a row of lockers as she looks through a Cardboard VR experience in the Expeditions app.


Take your students on an adventure

With Expeditions, all you need to experience the magic of VR and AR is a mobile device. Download the free Expeditions app to unlock over 900 VR tours and over 100 AR tours. Then take your students to the edge of the world, or bring the world into the classroom. To get the most out of your VR and AR experience, consider getting a Google Expeditions kit for your classroom.

Cardboard viewer

Google Cardboard lets you experience VR with an affordable viewer that pairs with any mobile device and is easy to use.

Tour Creator

Is there an experience you or your students would like to share with your students? Tour Creator lets you build your own immersive tours from your computer.


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Enhance your experience with AR and VR compatible products

Whether you’re taking your class on an Expeditions tour, or snapping photos to build VR experiences, these accessories help you get the most out of any virtual experience.

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