With Google Apps, we have the brains and insights of Google and the entire Google Apps community to help us update our communication and collaboration solutions on a continuous basis – and this innovation comes at no extra charge.

Bernard Gulachek, Senior Technology Director, University of Minnesota


Tired of managing multiple tools to keep the University of Minnesota's student body and staff connected, the IT staff at U of M was in need of a cohesive system that would work across multiple platforms and provide support across the board.


The grass-roots Google Apps usage among students and academic staff at U of M had grown to a user base of over 3,000, providing the tipping point for the IT staff. Rather than trying to force something else upon their student body, they began a switch from a potpourri of other services to a consistent, integrated messaging and collaboration solution from Google. Academic and administrative staff subsequently began to migrate to Google for Education, and in addition to Gmail, the institution uses Google Sites to compile and share research materials on the web, Google Calendar for group calendaring, Google Talk for instant messaging and Google Docs for document collaboration – all integrated into a single, cohesive solution.