L’Ensemble Scolaire Saint Jacques de Compostelle develops new approaches to learning with Google Apps for Education

The students obviously love working with technology, so they endeavour to master it and do their utmost to produce content that goes well beyond educational requirements.

Campus Director Michel Belledent, L’Ensemble Scolaire Saint Jacques de Compostelle


"We were looking for collaborative tools that would enable us to go fully online,” explains Campus Director Michel Belledent. When they set about modernising their technology environment, the decision to use Google for Education was an easy one. “Google puts all its tools at our disposal for free. Google Apps for Education are easy to use, very efficient, and known and used worldwide. The functionality stays the same whatever type of device you use to access them. Wherever users are, they can store an unlimited amount of documents. Finally, the system requires no maintenance and the rollout speed is super fast. The other solutions we considered were no match."


The campus recently piloted the use of around a dozen Google Chromebooks in its labs. Michel comments: “We currently have between 500 and 600 computers. After conclusive testing with the Chromebook, carried out with the help of teams from Business Cloud, we anticipate savings of up to double.” The computers are very affordable and require no programming or individual configuration. The access levels are managed through a highly efficient permissions system. The cost of IT resources is virtually nil, as they require no maintenance. Updates appear automatically and are directly applied to the online environment.