The Jesuits’ Schools support their student education in digital skills with Chromebooks.

Chromebooks have allowed our students to investigate more about a certain topic and to search for more information on the Internet. They create and share materials with other students and with the teachers. Students are developing important digital skills.

Pablo Laspra, Social Networks, Web Services Administrator and teacher in Colegio San Ignacio School in Oviedo.


Jesuits’ Schools have always borne in mind that adapting their educational scheme to the new times is a priority and, especially during the last years, they have been involved in the digitisation of the educational process. A few years ago, Jesuits’ Schools created computer labs that could be used by students in certain subjects, basically using traditional office suites for their academic papers. However, they found this system to be very unpractical and to have several problems, such as maintenance problems, usability problems and high costs due to licences, particularly when it came to sharing documents and information between students and teachers. In addition to this situation, the great need to adapt the educational process to the new digital environment encouraged a group of teachers involved in IT development to ask all school’s boards for the green light to decisively adopt innovation, introducing Chromebooks and Google Apps into the classrooms.


During 2014, these three schools significantly increased their efforts to carry out complete digitisation of their educational proposal, not only with the aim of taking technology into classrooms, but also with the objective of improving, optimising and developing a modern and cost-efficient educational process which provides students with optimal digital skills to successfully develop their careers in the future.