Primary and secondary teachers at Indian Valley Local Schools use Android tablets to build digital literacy

The Google Play for Education store was a major decision factor in choosing Android tablets. Not only has it been beneficial for the tablets, but also for our Chromebooks. It empowers teachers to easily find specific content that they need for their classrooms and to assign it to the students without having to raise a help desk ticket.

Brian Dittfeld, Technology Director for Indian Valley Local Schools and authorised Google Education trainer


IVLS had trouble finding the right technology to support early learning for primary students. Once the district realised that tablets could help teachers meet the individualised needs of K-2 students (aged 5-8), the next challenge was finding devices as cost effective and easy to manage as Chromebooks.


The district deployed 200 Android tablets of varying sizes along with Google Play for Education. K-2 students excelled at using tablets because the touch screen allows for a tactile approach and teachers controlled the content assigned to each student.