Huntsville Independent School District helps close the digital divide with Chromebooks and Google Apps

The impact of Chromebooks within our classrooms and the wider teacher/parent community has been phenomenal. We have had parents literally burst into tears with gratitude that their children’s school can supply something so potentially life-changing that they couldn’t afford to provide – the access to online learning resources at school and at home.

Amy Mayer, Director of Staff Development and District Initiatives, Huntsville Independent School District


The Huntsville School District did not have access to online educational resources across all of its schools and students and wanted to change the way teaching was delivered. In order to use technology effectively to improve student engagement and learning, the cost of hardware needed to come down. The district’s IT team was stretched managing a server that constantly had problems and suffered viruses. Huntsville badly needed a cost-effective, low-maintenance approach to using technology on a daily basis.


The easy access to online resources, affordability and durability made Chromebooks the perfect option for the Huntsville School District. Google Apps for Education replaced the costly, high-maintenance email server, so time and resources could be re-focused elsewhere.