Hillsborough Township goes one to one with Android tablets and Google Play for Education

I've found plenty of uses for the apps from Google Play for Education in my classes....It's great because the children become so engaged in the learning experience that they don't even realise that they're learning. This means that they're more motivated to learn.

Renee Meyers, third-grade Teacher, Triangle Elementary


Hillsborough Township Public Schools wanted to give their students a head start by making sure that they become familiar with technology from a young age. The HTPS team doesn't view technology as a subject in itself, but as a means to help students learn across academic areas. HTPS struggled to find a device that matched its criteria of being effective, robust and easy to use and administer. Long setup and load times dampened the effectiveness of using other devices in their classrooms.


Google for Education offers Hillsborough Township Schools a simple and affordable option for technology in the classroom. With quick roll-out and efficient payment methods, teachers found it easier to manage the distribution of helpful apps in their classroom.