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We're making Gemini available for teenage students to help them learn confidently. Learn more about this and other product updates.
Students can soon learn confidently with Gemini. Learn more.

Products that power education

Google for Education tools work together to transform teaching and learning so that every student and educator can pursue their personal potential.

Use Google tools together to drive educational impact

Help your institution to collaborate easily, streamline instruction and keep the learning environment safer with tools designed for students and teachers

Learn more about Google Workspace for Education

Provide an easy way for educators to connect with their students and manage their classes with an all-in-one place for teaching and learning

Learn more about Google Classroom

Equip your school with versatile, intuitive and secure devices designed for next-generation teaching and learning.

Learn more about Chromebooks

Equip your school with tools for success

Education Leaders


Bring flexible innovation to your school at scale

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time making an impact on student education. Equip your teachers with tools, resources and professional development so that they can focus on their students.

IT Admins


Easily deploy educational tools across your institution

Get diverse tools in the hands of students and educators with minimal effort. Maintain all of your institution's tech from one place. Monitor info-sec, control access and quickly make changes across your network using the centralised Admin console.



Save time and enrich student learning with easy-to-use tools

Streamline class management while providing every student with individualised learning experiences. Create, customise and collaborate on lessons to help learners grow their skills. Use virtual classrooms to promote learning any time, anywhere. Keep meetings, documents and reports all within reach

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