Massapequa Public Schools encourages students and teachers to think differently about learning with Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks

We regularly tell students that it doesn't matter where you are, you should be able to access your assignments and resources – whether you're at home, in the library on holiday or at Starbucks with a friend. Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education exemplify learning whenever and wherever.

Bob Schilling, Executive Director for Assessment, Student Data and Technology Services at Massapequa Public Schools


The district wanted to introduce content creation tools with rich collaboration features, so that teachers could provide real-time feedback and students could work on group projects from different locations. Students and teachers were also always running out of storage, so Massapequa Public Schools prioritised choosing a solution with unlimited storage.


Massapequa Public Schools introduced Google Apps for Education in 2012. The district rolled out the tools slowly, starting with a small group of tech-savvy teachers. Now, all students and staff use Google Apps for Education on a daily basis. Massapequa Public Schools chose Chromebooks for their affordability, quick boot-up time and seamless integration with Google Apps for Education. In 2015, the schools rolled out 3,000 Chromebooks. Middle school students use Chromebooks on a one-to-one basis, and the primary and secondary schools have trolleys with 30 devices each. Teachers sign out the trolleys when their lesson plan requires use of Chromebooks.