KIPP Bridge Charter School empowers scholars using tablets with GPFE

With a new curriculum around the corner, Nexus with Google Play for Education tablets are a key device for helping students to see the bigger picture, obtain multiple perspectives and express considered opinions. As a result, students' essays are now more dynamic.

Cathy Cowan, Eighth Grade Teacher, KIPP Bridge Charter School


Shifting over to the Common Core standards is no easy feat for KIPP Bridge Charter School. With a strong focus on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in university, KIPP Bridge Charter School recognised the importance of providing adequate access to technology to enhance learning while making the transition smoothly. KIPP needed to provide their students with access to a computer and the Internet to keep up with the CC Criteria, which place emphasis on critical thinking and students' ability to articulate an argument based on multiple sources.


Tablets with Google for Education enabled teachers at KIPP to easily distribute essential apps to their classes via the cloud. Students had a brand new window to the web in the classroom and access to an entire portfolio of learning exercises. Introducing the technology caused a great deal of excitement and proved to be a hassle-free process. As the device interface was so intuitive, students understood how to use them with very little instruction.