Coleg Cambria transforms teaching and learning with Chromebooks and G Suite

The Chromebooks just work. They are reliable, and give you quick and easy access to G Suite. Students love collaborating on projects both inside and outside of classes.

Mark Brandish, Head of IT Services.


As the college has expanded, the need for more computers has increased, putting pressure on its IT department. Mark Brandish, Head of IT Services, Coleg Cambria, explains, "We desperately needed more computers, but didn't want to build any more IT suites full of desktop PCs. The rooms just weren't flexible enough for teaching, and we wanted a more mobile solution. We considered buying netbooks, but weren't convinced that they were good value for money." – Mark Brandish, Head of IT Services.


Brandish believed that Google Chromebooks – laptops that provide fast, affordable and easy-to-manage computing that allows students to learn at any time, anywhere – were the answer. These would be used in conjunction with G Suite, Google's collaboration and communications suite. "My team weren't sure how they would be used, but I could really see the potential. Students had Microsoft Live@edu accounts, which they mainly used for shared storage. Staff all had Microsoft Exchange accounts. I knew that if we moved to G Suite, they'd see what can be achieved when you collaborate with others," he comments. In September 2011, Brandish bought 30 Chromebooks.