Bombay School use G Suite and Chromebooks to transform learning

Chromebooks and G Suite for Education opened up an amazing new highway of learning for Bombay School.

Paul Petersen, Principal, Bombay School


Three years ago, New Zealand’s Bombay School had 15 computers in its computer room—approximately one for every 25 students—and each child could expect about one hour of computer access per week. School leadership valued personalized learning and believed that having more computers in the school could help children learn at their own pace. However, leadership also faced concerns about costs and parents who were reluctant to change.


In order to support personalized learning and increase access to technology for all students, Bombay School decided to pursue a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program with Chromebooks, the Chrome Education licence, and G Suite for Education at the core of its strategy. Teachers were trained on Chromebooks and were required to bring them to staff meetings where everyone would collaborate on Google Docs to reflect on the impact the new tools had on teaching practice. Parents were taught about how Chromebooks and G Suite would help improve learning in 1:1 meetings, group discussions, and all-parent nights. The school was also outfitted with wireless access points to support hundreds of new devices on its network.