How the Cloud Helps Westlake Charter Schools Create a Positive Learning Environment

Giving students assignments with depth wouldn’t be possible without our devices. They push students to think at different levels – everything from problem solving to creative thinking.

John Eick, Executive Director, Westlake Charter Schools


If every student had access to a computer, WiFi and the cloud, Westlake believed they could create a more personalized and interactive learning environment. Students would have more access to information, be able to collaborate more and learn important technological skills they’d need in the workplace. The schools also wanted to use technology to protect student autonomy by communicating sensitive information — such as student support referrals — electronically.


The schools launched Chromebooks, Google Classroom and G Suite across both campuses. To spur adoption, the administrative staff took the lead by using G Suite exclusively for email, document sharing and calendaring. Teachers were able to quickly become familiar with G Suite themselves before using in the classroom.