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Educator Level 1

Educator Level 1

Earn your Educator Level 1 Certification

Valid for 3 years credit_card$10 schedule180 mins

Demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom with the Educator Level 1 Certification. Completing the certification earns you a badge that helps you stand out on your resume, portfolio, website, and more.

Educator Level 2

Educator Level 2

Take the next step with the Educator Level 2 Certification

Valid for 3 years credit_card$25 schedule180 min

Validate your expertise and advanced technology integration skills with the Educator Level 2 Certification. Completing the certification earns you a badge that helps you stand out on your resume, portfolio, website, and more.

An illustration of two people besides large signs/badges. One sign says “Certified Trainer” and the other says “Certified Innovator.”
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"I see the results every day in my classroom, where I’m no longer lecturing to a room of students reading from the same workbook. The experience is new every time we start a lesson."

Donnie Piercey, Teacher & Technology Integration Specialist, Eminence Independent Schools
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  • What do I need to become certified?

    For each certification, there is a combination of learning content, assessments and experience one must demonstrate in order to become certified. Currently the content and assessments for each program are hosted in different places and on different sites. Please use the list below to navigate to the right place for your chosen certification:

    Google Certified Educator Level 1

    Google Certified Educator Level 2

  • Why do I have to agree to an NDA?

    To protect the integrity of our certification programs, Google requires that test takers accept the terms of our exam non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Before taking the exam, we recommend that you review the non-disclosure agreement.

  • What happens if I violate my program's NDA?

    If Google discovers that you're in breach of the exam NDA, you can't be certified for the exam and you'll be permanently barred from retaking the exam and any other Google for Education exam. Additionally, Google, in its sole discretion, may choose to terminate any applicable business relationship with you.

  • When will I receive my exam results?

    All submitted exams are reviewed for accurate grading and security. You will receive exam results within 7 business days of completing your exam. Most testers receive results within 3 business days.

    Exam results are sent by gfe-certifications@google.com, so please check all email folders for this sender and, if possible, authorize direct emails from that address. If you do not receive results within 7 business days, please contact Certification Support at https://support.google.com/a/contact/certification.

  • Why do I need to recertify?

    Google for Education products change frequently. To ensure you're maintaining your skills, you're required to pass the certification exam again.

    To continue representing yourself as certified and use your badge, you must keep your certification current. If you do not recertify, you cannot use the badge or any Google branding or naming. Any violation of this will constitute a policy infringement.

  • How can I use my badge or certificate?

    Your use of your badge and certificate is intended only for the personal use of the individual person who passed the exam; it can't be used to represent that a school or company is certified. That is, a school or company can't represent itself as certified; only those individual persons who have passed the exam can represent themselves as certified. Your use of the Google certification logo is subject to Google's then-current Brand Feature Guidelines.

  • What happens if I violate a policy?

    If Google discovers that you're in violation of any policy, Google, in its sole discretion, can revoke any of your Google for Education certifications and you'll be permanently barred from retaking any Google for Education exam.

  • Are there guidelines for Google Educator Groups, Coach, Innovator, and Trainer programs?

    Yes, when you join one of our Google for Education programs, you join a community. And like any growing community, a few ground rules are important to establish so that everyone is on the same page on expected behavior.

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