Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union rolls out 1:1 Chromebooks program to increase collaboration

Now the playing field is leveled for all my students. They have the opportunity to learn basic technology skills — such as typing, email etiquette and internet research — that they’ll need to succeed in college and the workplace.

Kate Ryan, fourth grade math teacher


WSESU needed a technology solution that didn’t need to be backed up manually and that could scale as WSESU expanded. The union’s goal was to increase collaboration using technology and introduce a 1:1 model without the financial or technical burden.


In 2012 WSESU piloted Chromebooks with fifth and sixth graders at one school. The next school year, students in grades 5-8 at two schools received Chromebooks, and the following year every student in grades 3-11 had access to Chromebooks. The 1:1 program not only empowers students to learn anytime anywhere, it also supports WSESU’s mission to provide equal education to all students by providing them with digital learning resources.