John Monash Science School courses go virtual with Google Apps for Education

“We knew Google Apps would be easy for teachers in remote locations to access and use, while offering students hundreds of kilometres apart a way to collaborate and build understanding together in real time.”

Peter Corkill, Principal, John Monash Science School


John Monash Science School wanted to bring advanced science courses to remote classrooms via its Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) distance learning initiative. To make this a reality, they needed a platform to build virtual lessons and support students in far-flung classrooms, and involve teachers working on different types of devices in schools with limited resources.


ESV adopted Google Apps for Education because it addressed multiple challenges—enabling students and teachers to access and share curriculum materials, communicate, and collaborate on projects using any device, at no cost to schools. Now, 156 Year 10 students in 30 remote classrooms are learning subjects they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, getting them excited about STEM careers.